Upcoming Events

KASHU-DO INTENSIVE SUMMER SESSIONS (KISS) -- Session 1: 8-22 July; Session 2: 30 July-12 August

KASHU-DO INTENSIVE SUMMER SESSIONS (KISS). This Summer Kashu-do Studios optimizes its courses to focus more deeply on the individual student's experience as well as foster a group atmosphere that strengthens the impact of our philosophy of immersion. As ever, our goal is to provide our participants an inspiring experience that helps each musician discover his/her unique vibration as artist and human being.  Our faculty is specifically trained to focus on the developing artist's needs. We discuss the daily experience of our participants and when needed will change our plans to accommodate the developmental needs of a specific participant.  For this reason, we realized the importance of keeping the program small and dynamic.  Instead of our usual two-week Summer Intensive, which has drawn upwards of 50 students in the past, we are limiting our participation to 25 students.  To accommodate the growing number of interested participants, we will have two separate sessions:

SESSION 1-- 8-22 July

SESSION 2-- 30 July-12 August.