(Kashu-do Principles)

Kashu-do (歌手道) is a Japanese term that I invented based on singing and martial arts traditions. As Karate-do means “The Way of the Empty Hand,” Kashu-do means “The Way of the Singer.”  It is a philosophy that equates singing with principles of lifelong development.

Imagine if you could build a home with your own hands! You would want the firmest of foundations and a design that reflects you and your lifestyle. Today, however, houses are prebuilt or we are limited by whatever is available in the market.  Compromises must be made.

Is that what we want for our voices?

Imagine, however, that you had built a home and left it for a while and traveled. Perhaps you rented it out to someone and when you returned, the house was altered, changed and you had to get it back to the way you wanted it.

In the journey of our lives, when we become conscious that we want to sing, do we have any idea in what state our voices actually are?  Are you the baritone you were led to believe in high school and college choir? Is your voice as small as your first teacher believed it to be? Can you sing art songs with your big voice, when everyone is asking you to pear down the size because it’s too big? Are you really a soprano because you can warm up to high F?

The questions are endless! The voice is as mysterious and complex as we are.  When we sing, we should feel authentic–that the sound that is coming out of us is in tune with our being and is emitted naturally.  But what is natural?  Is it what we’ve always done?  But what if what we’ve been doing unconsciously is not really our nature?  Then we have to go on a journey to find that nature.  

This is the road, the path, the way, the journey of the singer.  Even for those among us who have been singing relatively true to our nature, we must learn what that truth really means, so that the next role, project, or song does not take us off track.

And for those among us who truly know ourselves, how do we change naturally with time? How do we evolve into greater awareness of ourselves and therefore of our vocal vibrations?

This is the journey I accompany you on! Perhaps you have a different question?

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Wishing you joyful singing!