International Discussion on Vocal Tecnique and Vocal Science


It has been my desire for a long time to witness an international discussion on vocal science and its merits relative to vocal technique. This is the reason I began the blog on my birthday last year. I have been happily surprised at the interest that the blog has generated (over 1500 readers in close to 50 countries). However, I have found that the discussion depends in great part on my contribution on the blog (which is natural) and I wanted to see a freer discussion develop either with the blog as a catalyst or spontaneously. With Facebook as such a remarkable tool for networking, it seems foolish not to utilize it. My hope is that this group will develop a lively discussion in any and all languages. A thread can be started in any language and be conducted separately from threads in other languages.

Naturally I wish I could follow the discussions in every language that is posted, but of course that is impossible. It would be fun to see how far this goes. I invite anyone who can read these first posts (I am limited to the languages I speak) to begin a discussion on any subject that has to do with vocal technique and vocal science and in any language. Happy discussion!