Bruce Almighty Ford: A seriously underrated singer of our time

This evening, late after a rather trying day, I came to my computer to read a simple email from a student that I teach when she comes to NY. I recently befriended her regular teachers, two wonderfully knowledgeable teachers who came to NY and graciously invited me to dinner. At one point, when discussing great singers, we came to the name of tenor Bruce Ford, an excellent singer I had only heard once before I truly understood what great voices were. I was very impressed back then with Ford’s performance of the Count in Barber of Seville at some venue in NY, but this was at a time when the world of tenors to me was crowned by the legend of Franco Corelli and probably anything spinto. This evening, the note from the student was brief: “David [her regular teacher] wanted you to listen and analyze this clip”:

Even in the company of very worthy colleagues with world-class careers of their own, Mr. Ford reigns supreme.

Consider me henceforth a fan!!!!! I hope I will have the pleasure of encountering Mr. Ford someday to thank him for keeping the great art of Bel Canto alive!

P.S. No one asked me to post the clips on my blog. I was sincerely quite blown away by Mr. Ford’s great performances on youtube and simply felt a pedagogical obligation to comment on this magnificent example of our art form.

© 01/04/2009

One thought on “Bruce Almighty Ford: A seriously underrated singer of our time

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  1. Great tribute to an amazing singer! I too have only paid much notice to this voice somehwat recently. The past few weeks I’ve been watching the videos of him on YouTube with an ever-dropping jaw. What a fine example to anyone who aspires to bel canto singing! It wouldn’t be surprising if he had gotten offers in his past to sing heavier repertoire due to the natural darkness in his voice, but he wisely made a career for himself singing all the obscure bel canto roles that really no one else can sing! This man deserves a place in the canon of tenors for sure.


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