Kashudo (歌手道): The Way of the Singer completes 100 blog posts

I am not one to celebrate my birthdays and I don’t know why. However I began this blog on my birthday almost two years ago and it has been transformational. In a strange sense it has been an instrument of Alchemy. A blog transforms from being a kind of public diary to an interactive discussion when others participate. For this, I would like to thank all of you who read the blog and send me countless commentary, constructive criticism and private emails of encouragement. The openness with which I have gone through my own transformation not only from bass-baritone to tenor but also as teacher could not have happened without your participation.

So I celebrate with all of you our 100th blog (101 actually) and look forward to another 100.

Thank you to the over 2000 readers in the United States, Canada and Great Britain!

Ich danke den vielen Lesern aus Deutschland!

Jag tackar många läsare från Sverige som varit mest konsekvent och aktiv läsare sedan början av bloggen.

Agradeço aos muitos leitores do Brasil que, de repente se tornar o maior público fora dos Estados Unidos.

And a collective thanks to the readers from 47 countries on all the continents (minus Antarctica–What no singers down there?).