A Spontaneous Sharing

Dear friends,

I have been very sheepish about sharing any clips for a while. I had planned to take today off from activities because I had been very active the last few weeks. However, I decided to have a spontaneous practice today and was satisfied with what came out. I sang several arias and as it was going well I decided to record “Come un bel dí di maggio…” from Andrea Chénier.  Unfortunately the only recording equipment I had with me was my Google phone.  Don’t be surprised if you feel you are listening to an old Victrola recording.  The quality is good enough to hear the nature of the voice.  I feel that this shows a fair assessment of what I have achieve these past 22 months.  Don’t be disappointed that the piano accompaniment does not continue. I only used the first two measures to get my pitch. I also play a chord at the end, also to check my pitch.

20100211Come un bel di.mp3

Just as a reminder. This is more or less what I sounded like as a baritone before I started the change 22 months ago.

Verdi Di Provenza.mp3

Thank you for your support of the blog and of my process.