Welcoming Gioacchino Livigni to the Vocal Blogosphere

It is an honor to officially welcome my colleague, Gioacchino Livigni to the Blogosphere.  Jack is an accomplished tenor with a profound interest and knowledge about the history of the Italian School of Singing.  His new blog, Tenor Talk Blog, which I linked in the last post, is a must for tenors in particular.  I am happy to welcome Jack here on Kashu-do, and will soon have the honor of his contribution in the form of a guest post. Vocal Pedagogy needs the interaction of experienced pedagogues.  It is my hope that we will build a community of passionate singer-teachers who can discuss, debate, argue in a constructive manner leading to a deeper understanding for us all.

Welcome Jack!  I am already enjoying the posts.  Now don’t me spend anymore sleepless nights reading another fascinating blog!



One thought on “Welcoming Gioacchino Livigni to the Vocal Blogosphere

  1. Thank you kind sir!!

    I look forward to feasting on all the goodies on this site. C'e' l'imbarazzo della scelta… too many treats to choose from!

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