Kashu-do (歌手道): Micaela von Gegersfeldt in Berlin 14-18 March

(This is an update! Micaela had planned to be in Berlin last winter but due to unforeseen events had to postpone.  I am pleased to announce her visit in Berlin 14-18 March 2011)

I cannot recommend Micaela highly enough.  She will be available for individual sessions with singers. I have met noone who understands muscular balance as Micaela does.  Any singer would be the better for working with her. The result is awareness of muscular uasage and balance in the body, how to achieve balance and render your singing that much freer  and more efficient.  For more information, write me at tenorssong@gmail.com!

See more about Micaela on the blogpost I dedicated to her a month ago.

Happy Singing!



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