Kashu-do (歌手道): New Blog, Kashu-do Detox Diet

Dear Friends,
Most of you have been through my change to tenor with me and have been (just as I am) very ready to sing: “Vittoria, Vittoria!!!!” (That is from Act 2 of Tosca for you non-tenors). 
It has been just over three years since I started the transition to my real voice and everything I know says that I have accomplished what I need to technically.  But I have also said that great technique begins with great health.  For this reason I took up Kung Fu one year ago, and it has been the most wonderful new element in my life.  I have gone through various periods of giving up certain things, which I thought were the cause of my health issues but it has become very clear that I am dealing with something systemic, as probably a great number of people in the world are dealing with.
Gluten: For those who are sensitive to gluten, digestion can become totally compromised.  And I think mine has been.  It takes such a long time for this to become a problem that we do not allow ourselves to consider that the foods we eat every day can be a problem.
Dairy:  Many singers have issues with dairy and so do I.  This was identifiable in my young singing days before anything became so systemically problematic.  But it was not a big issue.
Alcohol and Caffeine:  Those things affect every singer I know.  Some less than others.  But the issue is irrefutable. 
Peanuts and eggs:  Cause many people allergies.  
Sugar and Salt:  Refined sugar can be problematic.  I went to a homeopath who felt I should avoid sugar cane products altogether.  Salt content in package foods are extreme, particularly in the two countries I live (USA and Germany).
I will be avoiding these common problem-causers, so I can give my body a chance to recover from 40 years of unconscious eating.  The truth is I do not eat that badly.  I eat rather well.  But these elements in our food sources cause problems, which hinder my progress as a singer.  If I were not a singer, I doubt this would be a big issue.  However, for better or worse, I am very sensitive to something.  I cannot figure it out without doing a total cleanse of all these products that could have progressively hindered normal digestion, causing ultimately a leakage of undigested proteins into the blood stream causing the body to send out anti-bodies like histamines, etc.
I have suffered from what feels like a mild case of acid reflux, and I believe that this problem which has become so present in our society is a a symptom of generally poor nutrition.
I do not thing that everyone needs to go on a vegetable, vegan or raw food diet.  I am doing this to 1) eliminate the undigested foods that have accumulated in my system and thereby return my digestive tract to proper functionality.  Once I feel I am back to a normal state, I can then add certain foods gradually so I can figure out what my body is unable to process.  
This will be an adventure.  I will document the process here, so as not to interfere with the normal flow of the original Kashu-do (歌手道) blog.  This is also a way of keeping myself on task with this new adventure that is bound to present challenges.
I welcome your participation and commentary.