Kashu-do (歌手道): Recognizing and Affirming Your Inner Success Story

Nothing is more defeating than doubt!  I sometimes deal with it!  But those who know me can attest that I become more optimistic when things start to go wrong!  Pessimists might think I am crazy, for they chose to see the world as an evil place that presents challenges.  Their job is to survive those challenges.  I do not mind the functional pessimist. S/he will sometimes be so invigorated by the perception of an antagonistic Universe that s/he will recognize an inner force that permits her/him to combat and win against such a nemesis.  In such a way the pessimist becomes an optimist by recognizing their inner capacity to deal with what seems a contrarian environment.  Indeed a pessimist can also become overwhelmed by the perception of a Universe bent on destroying him/her.

I do not care for realists!  I find them cowardly!  A so-called realist perceives themselves often as powerless against what simply is.  Don Quixote’s nemesis, the Duke, in the broadway play Man of La Mancha, based on Cervantes’ literary masterpiece Don Quixote, opines that we must accept the world for what it is, to which Quixote replies that we must make the world what it ought to be.  Quantum physics and many spiritual disciplines conclude that we have it within us by sheer will to shape the Universe the way we envision it.  Indeed, the Universe works differently depending on how we perceive it.  If we expect the Universe to be one of opportunity, then we expect to find such opportunity.  A math student who believes fundamentally that there is a solution to every problem will tend to persist until s/he finds the solution.  The student who believes that s/he is not able to find the solution will tend to give up early.

I am an optimist and love optimists.  Optimists are not plagued by illusions and mirages but rather are bold enough to be responsible for having a vision and to make such vision a reality.  They are committed to a future they envision and will work incessantly to give it form.

I have met an optimist who calls herself a realist, but every action she takes seems to me that of an optimist.  She believes altruism is the greatest virtue and she seeks to change the world in a major way.  She looks for the ways to make this happen, and sometimes she faces discouraging obstacles.  Nevertheless, she still searches.  But to desire is not enough!  Even to work toward the fruition of the objective is not enough!  It is crucial to believe that it is within our power to make the opportunities we seek.  This fundamental belief helps us see opportunity where others see obstacles.

I begin my day with the fundamental belief that my objectives are not only possible but ultimately realized.  I only have to walk the path to self-realization.  How is that different from Michelangelo who sees a sculpture in its final form when he looks at a block of marble?

Your life is a masterpiece!  Just chip away the excess marble that covers it! Or do you prefer to just see a piece of rock in front of you?  Success is a choice!

© 06/20/2011

One thought on “Kashu-do (歌手道): Recognizing and Affirming Your Inner Success Story

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  1. Reading Your post today, I feel so save and positive!
    Sometimes, people, we depend on, like directors, coaches or even family, do not see the sculpture, but just the block of marble, which let`s us down…

    It is so good to see, that there are “others out there”, who feel the same way and point that out.

    YES, there can be miracles, when we believe.
    Exept, the miracle of singing consists of hard work, hard discipline, will power and that very last thing, but certainly not least, FAITH.

    It was GOD, who gave me the urge to sing and it must be my duty to find the right way to use this gift. Not only for the service of mastery, but to be able to walk that long road to UTOPIA called PERFECTION.

    Thank YOU JR, thank You very much!


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