Kashu-do (歌手道) and Once More With Feeling: Prayers For My Sister and Fellow Pedagogue/Blogger Susan Eichorn Young

In the vocal forums and voice blogosphere, most people think that Susan Eichorn Young and I are really brother and sister.  We call each other thus!  We have each other as brother and sister on Facebook too.  We are not related by blood, but even though we have rarely met each other live, when we did it was instant love of a beautiful kind.  We already had great respect for each other’s teaching and have sent each other students. When we did meet face to face after many collegially supportive blogposts and forum posts and emails, we understood why we felt such a strong connection.  We do not teach the same things necessarily but our philosophy about what this art form called singing means to us is close to identical.  There are not many teachers out there with her knowledge and thirst for knowledge, with her compassion and striving for excellence, who supports and demands more from her students. We feel strongly that our world can be changed through singing and we try to do our part.  She is my sister in the battle to restore honor to the history of our art form by demanding the highest level of excellence of our students.
Last night, I learned that she and her husband, the celebrated tenor, Thomas Young were involved in a serious accident.  I also learned that she had been airlifted to the Operating Room and just learned that she is stable.  I do not have more details than that at the moment.  I know that many of those who follow Kashu-do (歌手道) also follow Susan’s Blog, Once More With Feeling.  Until Susan is back and active on her inspiring blog, all my posts with have the prefix:  Kashu-do (歌手道) and Once More With Feeling.

I believe in the fundamental power of meditative prayer.  The Universe is shaped by our faithful desires. If the thousands who read this blog and Susan’s blog concentrate on Thomas’ and her speedy recoveries, I believe it will happen.  Susan and Thomas are innovators in our field and tireless and warm-hearted pedagogues.  We need them back in action quickly!
We love you, Sis and we love you Thomas!  Now get back on your feet! We have work to do!

One thought on “Kashu-do (歌手道) and Once More With Feeling: Prayers For My Sister and Fellow Pedagogue/Blogger Susan Eichorn Young

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  1. I am thinking of both of them and sending them positive energy and the strength I have discovered in myself in the past few weeks.

    A nice gesture, but much as you KNOW I love you, I hope Susan is back soon to claim her wonderful blog! 😉

    K x


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