The Magic of Nadine Sierra…

She does not disappoint!  I have had the desire to write about this magnificent artist for quite some time.  I watched her clips as she won what felt like every competition she entered.  And this evening, after a long and beautiful day teaching in London, my Medicitv app sent me the reminder about the Tucker Gala this evening.  Medici does not tell me what she sang, but it was Zarzuela!  And Nadine Sierra rocked it!  She has a rock solid technique, needed for the many Bel Canto challenges she takes on!  She is an attractive woman, but that is not why we applaud her.  Her musicality is impeccable, as I remember her in a particular French mélodie she rocked in one of her competitions.  She is elegant vocally, musically and personally!

That is Nadine singing Gilda opposite the ultimate Rigoletto of the last two generations, the inimitable Leo Nucci.  She not only rises to the occasion!  She takes it!  As a young star should.

I first heard her during the Mirjam Helin competition in Helsinki and was quite amazed.  But being a skeptic, I wanted to see how she handles the rigors of the merciless opera business.  Suffices to say:  She knows how to “handle” herself!  We can hear the continuity from this performance to her Gilda above:

I am a confirmed fan and wish this wonderful artist the best in her future!  In a world that eats great talent alive, this wonderful singer has navigated the tough waters and comes out sailing!

Brava Diva!  Continued success!


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